Guide for beginners – Part 1

Guide for beginners – Part 1

You’ve been attracted to the world of models for a long time, but don’t know how to get started?

Want to know more about the profession? This topic is for you now!

In the spirit of our upcoming casting, we are writing this blog so that anyone who is not experienced in modeling can be well prepared for such casting like this!

I’m sure there are many of you who don’t know from where to get these informations, or you are not dare to ask them. The situation is different for the parents, they do not hesitate to ask everything, because it is only their child! That is why we recommend this article to parents as much as to young people who want to taste the world of models.


Getting started, applying


The first step to getting on the road to becoming a model is to apply to model agencies and wait for their reaction. You can filter a lot of what they respond to by inviting them to a personal meeting. But first of all, you need to examine whether you have the qualities you need for this career path. We will write about this later.

It is also very important what kind of pictures you apply for, always have to looks good. For example, you cannot apply with a picture of your broken nailed fingers or possibly with fake nails. Take care of the details! For us, this is an excuse, because we want to work with people we know to be demanding in their job. Unfortunately, a model cannot have nails or tattoos.


How does a casting take place, what we should bring with us for a casting, what to watch out for!


When appearing on a casting, pay attention to the following:

Freshly washed hair, with no makeup or minimal makeup, wear basic outfit, that can be a jeans and a top. The point is to make your shape as simple and visible as possible.


What to take with you:

Make sure you have high heels, because they will see how you can walk in it (catwalk).

Also, bring a bikini and a hair band. Make your bikini black as simply as possible!

What will happen to you at the casting?

First of all you usually introduce yourselves. Prepare yourself for questions like why you want to be a model, what your goals are, how much you are independent, how much do you train, they will ask about your school how much you are free, and if you can make yourself free for a 3 month trip, for example.

Then, if they like you, they’ll ask you to change into a swimsuit and then check your measurements, and take polaroid pictures of you. Polaroid images are full-face and close-up images of your face, without make-up and your shape.

In the second part of our blog we will answer questions. If you find our article interesting and useful, or have any questions about modeling, please write to us here:

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